Friday, 13 January 2012

Kristian Jones

If you have read my past posts you would know that I sometimes help curate at six eight kafe. This time it was the work of a local birmingham artist named Kristian Jones who I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I loved his work so much I took three of his prints and two badges (they were free) at his launch.

These pictures don't do his work any justice so please go have a look at his portfolio. Here are some of my favourites.

I have the last print and the two from the first picture. I am looking forward to putting them up!

Kristian is not only an illustrator, he is also a full time graphic designer and he used to be a lead singer of a band called Sea Fields. Unfortunately the band broke up last year which is a shame cos I had a listen and I thought they were pretty good.

I am a fan.

If you love The Smiths then you'll definitely appreciate this.

What do you think of his art and music?


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