Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2012 blog resolution

I have thought long and hard about what to post on my blog. When I first started it was more of a personal blog and I would blog about my daily activities. Looking back I don't think my daily life was interesting enough to blog about. After being on a hiatus for about a year (I went to art school) I wanted this blog to be more of an inspiration blog be it fashion, art or anything really and that's what I have fully decided on.

So for the new year this is what's going to happen.......

Once a week I will:-

1.  do a diy post

2.  do an outfit post because it's fun. I admire the people who do it on a daily basis. I don't have alot of clothes and I certainly don't have any reason to go and look nice everyday. Most of my time is spent at home in sweats so this will give me a good enough reason to dress up and get out of the house!

3 Draw! this is the most important one for me. I don't do it enough and at times I do miss it but i find it hard to get inspired. This is where the blog comes in handy.

4.  post fashion pieces. Since I can't afford to go shopping as much as I would like to, I hope this wil inspire me to rummage through my wardrobe and get creative with my old stuff.

5.  post favourite diy posts and try do them. I have done one and I am planning on doing more. Bring it on!

the rest of the week will be filled with random musings or any events that I have attended. I am confident my life isn't that boring.

I have done a few diys lately but I have only posted one. When the day isn't so dull and grey (damn you english weather!) I will take photos of them.

In the meantime here's a sneak peek of what's to come

 my wrinkly finger

tainted gold rings

Excited? I sure hope so cos I am. Fingers crossed they turn out as how I envisioned.


  1. oh awesome! I'm super excited to see all these things! =]

  2. Can't wait to see these! :D I'll love to do 2 & 4! Just need some inspiration haha

  3. These new years resolutions have by far been my favorite to read! Love love love!


  4. i cant wait to see all your goals come true!!


  5. aww..always adore DIY post .. unfortunately don't have the time to do one myself so very much looking forward to yours!

  6. I really like DIY posts ! Good luck for your resolutions !


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