Monday, 9 January 2012

my diy necklace

hello there lovelies,

thank you so much for the lovely comments. I am feeling heaps better now.  I realise there is no point in moping around feeling sorry for myself. I should just get my life back on track. I admit watching Bridesmaids have something to do with it. If you haven't watched it, do it. It's hilarious!

I decided to be more productive and got my jewelry kit out and started making the diy geometric necklace i talked about before.

Instead of long tubular gold beads, I used short white ones. I like it but I might spray paint it a different colour. Neon perhaps? We'll see.

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. My webcam is a bit rubbish.

Today my necklace and I went to IKEA for a couple of hours and all we got was a measuring tape which costed 29p. Money well spent I thought! I was slightly embarrassed when I went to the cashier though but the guy was nice and very professional. Didn't get any odd looks from him at all.

We are gonna have homemade pizza for dinner today. When I say we, I mean Stuart and I. Not my necklace. It's main purpose in life is to hang around my neck and make me look pretty. That's all. Oh and sometimes for an all night girl talk session.


  1. you look sooo pretty.. great that you are back in blogworld :)


  2. i love that necklace! super cool!

  3. That necklace looks great! & so do you! So pretty, even if a bit grainy. ;) hehe.

    Going to Ikea & only spending 29p seems like a thing that not many people do, ha! Everyone seems to pick up at least a few random things that they may or may not need, so go you! :)

  4. You look so beautiful on those pictures ! I've seen that DIY necklace on a blog not so long ago, your pics makes me thought I really need to do one like yours ;)


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