Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wrapping pleasures

I have been terribly busy doing last minute christmas shopping (never go after 5pm, it's insane!) and wrapping up pressies (my most favourite thing to do!).

This year instead of the usual wrapping paper I decided to put more effort in and get creative!

Sky-Blue, my bf's cute little niece's birthday present.

This is my attempt at drawing her dog Martha. We shall see if it is a success when we see her tomorrow. I hope she likes it!

We will be heading off to Yorkshire tomorrow to see family so we have been busy baking cookies and making fudge and I still have more christmas presents to wrap! Eeeeeep!

Three more days folks. I am so excited!

So excited in fact that I have been listening to christmas songs all day, getting Stuart to download more christmas albums and belting them out. Stuart had to shush me a number of times cos apparently I was a bit too loud and he was scared the neighbours might complain. *teehee*


  1. These are cool wrapping ideas. I like how you used craft wrapping paper and then designed it with even more colors :D

  2. how cool and so sweet of you!

  3. oh wow, what gorgeous presents! Mine were all shoved in paper bags this year. lol

    love them!

    I got your card! thank you! Don't know if you will get the one from me before Christmas... Merry Christmas!

  4. Creative and the result is reaaly nice ! Wrapping presents is also one of my favorite parts ;)

  5. aww..Happiest Bday wishes for your cute Dogie!

    Happy Holidays and a fabulous New Year 2012! x

  6. very creative on the gift wrapping sal ~ love the use of the doilies on the doggie gift, so cute!!
    xx, k


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