Friday, 23 December 2011


Today I am beyond happy because I got my laptop fixed. It hasn't been working properly for the past two years. It gives off this whirring sound like it's about to take off. The sound got so bad that once, my mum actually thought someone was hoovering in the middle of the night! I never sent it off to be fixed afraid that it might either cost a fortune to get fixed or I might need to get a new laptop.

BUT...a friend said her brother can have a look at it and fix it for beer. So obviously I said yes cos beer is affordable. And he managed to fix it!! I am beyond thrilled! Stuart and I were so surprised how quiet it was and it didn't shut down after half an hour. We even stayed in complete silence, muting the TV and everything just listening and staring at my laptop for ages.

So now since it's all up and running....

You will be getting loads of webcam photos of myself. Yay!
Testing testing

(you're gonna wish I never got my laptop back now)

Hope everyone's all ready for Christmas :)


  1. hooray! and man, you are gorgeous!

  2. What a "Christmas gift"! That is major!
    Merry Christmas!! xx

  3. PRetty pretty picture!


  4. you're gorgeous sal! and congrats on your newly working laptop, one of the best feelings no doubt!!
    xx, k


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