Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Funny subtitles

I am a bit late in watching the Harry Potter film. I don't normally go to the movies as I have a short attention span and so the bf and I usually wait for the films to go on DVD or just download them. We sometimes have to split the films, especially the long ones in halves as I tend to fall asleep in between.

A friend of mine watched it on DVD which she bought in Brunei (where I am from). Back home we have a lot of pirated DVD shops, I don't recall seeing a shop that sells original DVDs or music for a long time!

Pirated DVDs are obviously illegal but back in Asia they are sold legally. I don't know how they get away with it to be honest but it seems to be a normality back in the East.

Anyway I thought I'd share a few clips of the bootleg Harry Potter film that my friend had purchased. It's hilarious!

This is supposed to be "Acio Horcrux!"

It seems that they make up the subtitles as they go by. It almost never makes sense and although it cracks me up when I read them it's also quite annoying because you can't get rid of them.I find myself reading the subtitles even when they are in German, Dutch or any other languages cos it's just there.

"the wand chooses the wizard Mr Potter"
Bootleg subtitle: "Come on, who the wizard daughter..."

and the funniest one yet


Didn't know goblins were fond of bingo.

Who knew the Harry Potter could be a comedy?


  1. lol, those subtitles are awesome!

  2. Hey lovely! Thank you for your comment! So funny you mentioned this because I'm from Mexico and is the same people buy pirate dvds everywhere! :D

  3. ahaha! that last pic made me laugh!!
    xx, kristina

  4. Haha! Omgosh these are hilarious :)

  5. HAHAH! This cracked me up : )


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