Saturday, 24 April 2010

My Art Journal

Here's my first attempt at an art journal. I haven't done one in a long long time so I am a bit rusty. I did feel quite intimidated when I saw pictures of my classmates from Elsie's "Tell Your Story" class. They are all so talented. Mine looks like a two year old did it...(a very smart two year old haha)

I swear I think I am addicted to Elsie's classes. Indie Biz was the first class I took of hers and wow! It completely changed me and my thinking towards my life, which is why I signed up just as soon she posted up! Also it has given me the chance to "meet" so many people with the same interests! None of my friends share the same interest as me which is sad. There were times when I wished I found someone who I can talk to about these things and now I have! Yeay! I am really grateful for my Indie Biz friends as well as some new ones I have made through the "Tell Your Story" class :)

I have been wondering what to do with myself for as long as I can remember. Sure I've had the odd job or two but I never really felt satisfied. I worked as a receptionist, a secretary in a logistics company then moved on to a PA for a lawyer and real estate. They were good jobs but I did not feel content. The only time I felt happy was when I helped out my mum. She has three home decor shops back home. I finally quit my job in 2008 to move to the UK. The reason (other than wanting to be with my English boyfriend) was to start up a business here, but it proved to be too expensive to obtain a business visa so I have to put a pin on it for now and hope that I will achieve that dream someday. In the meantime here I am, trying to put my creativity to good use! ha!

I'd like to apologise for the pictures. There wasn't much light today (eventhough it was supposed to be sunny the whole day with a temperature of 20 degress celcius max!)

Oh for those of you who have not signed up for "Tell Your Story". It's not too late! :) Click here


  1. So cute! I'm a fellow IndieBiz-er, and I'm also taking the Art Journaling class! I hear you on being addicted to Elsie's classes. It IS a wonderful way to meet other people with shared interests--I too don't have many people in my "real life" who share my creative interests. Yay for the internet! :)

  2. I think your art journal looks great so far! I didn't sign up for this one because I'm still working on Indie Biz stuff (I'm stuck on finding a new name) but I will definitely be in the next class. Good luck with everything!

  3. I love the art journal! I don't think it looks amateur!

  4. Cute art journal really like it.

    I think i am gone follow this art-journal to.
    I am really happy that i follow the indiebizz class en that i met you there, Ans now we are also penpals eeeck:) so happy..

    Your letter Will be send this week:) Hope you like it..

    And i LOVE LOVE your blog keep up the good work:) i Hope you also want to follow my blog when it's hond get online:)

    If you have any advice please let me know:)

    big kisses and hugs from samia

  5. you guys are too kind! thanks so much for the support.

    Samia: I'm looking forward to your letter and see you in the next class! yeay! :D xo

  6. Your pages look great! Totally understand the addicted to classes feeling! I took Style School and Indie Biz and am already looking forward to taking another one. Art journaling feels a bit beyond my more-than-meager artistic skills, so I am waiting for the next one and squishing in a few grad classes in between!


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