Wednesday, 21 April 2010

a day in the life of a csi agent.

Stuart, myself and two friends went for a CSI adventure on Monday. I was super excited! Been a HUGE CSI fan since it first came out in 2001. I have watched all CSI programmes but my favourite is and will always be CSI Las Vegas. Forever.

It was so exciting. Because it was 'Murder Monday', we were given the chance to solve three cases! Usually it was only one. It was so fun! We got to study the crime scenes, analyse the evidence and finally after solving the case we were to report to Grissom. It was so cool! We were even given CSI diplomas for completing! Stuart got one in German cos in the all the excitement he accidentally chose German instead of English and no, he doesn't speak German.

Grissom's office. Oh yeah.

Yep. I am a real CSI geek.


  1. omg how cool that would be so much fun!!!

    I love CSI


  2. Don't they have it in the states? Ours is ending end of May.

  3. THis is amazing!! My bf and I would LOVE this! The two of us are csi geeks lol
    love that it's on channel 5 during the day too. U def shud Start journalling again! I made it my 09 new years resolution to complete one! xo

  4. This sounds like so much fuN!! I do an annual murder mystery dinner in my house - but this just looks and sounds like such a blast! My hub is a HUGE CSI fan I wish he could have done this with you all!

    BTW I'm having a little vote on my blog that I would love your opinion on...please stop by again :))

  5. omg, that sounds like so much fun! do they only have that in birmingham? do they have one in the states???

  6. This sounds like SO much fun!

  7. I think for the UK they only have it in London and Birmingham. They are showing in a few states in the US. Here's the link

    You guys should really go! It's fun! :) xo


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