Monday, 16 January 2012


If you had read this post, I mentioned I was approached by a photographer at my regular cafe and asked if he could take pictures of me.

As promised here are some of the photos from the shoot.

It was quite funny really, he asked me to do an angry pose, and I laughed because when I am asked to look angry I find it hilarious. I am immature like that.

This is a failed attempt at an 'attitude' pose. 

and last but not least my crouching tiger, hidden dragon pose.

He has to choose one to submit for the Birmingham Loves Photographers Challenge. Which one do you think is the best one out of all? 

Photos courtesy of  Nigel Cotterill for Birmingham Loves Photographers


  1. what? crouching tiger, hidden dragon pose?!
    you're hilarious! Adore your lipstick color!

  2. I like the 2nd from last.

  3. Aww I love them my favourites are the B&W ones they are stunning! you look so lovely in them:)

  4. Hi Sal, thank you so much for posting these, I love the way they are framed and displayed.
    I was at an advantage having you as a model, I hope I have portrayed what a beautiful person you are.
    When reviewing the images, the third one keeps making me think that the look was for me and not the camera, but the smile in your eyes made me realise it was a pose and not anger!

  5. Gorgeous photos! You look stunning. Love the third photo - I think that's my choice for favorite.

    p.s. you can totally pull off attitude in your photos! totally clam up and act like a moron whenever someone prompts me to 'work it'... yikes. xx

  6. J'aime les photos! Bisous:)
    Angela Donava

  7. Soooooo pretty!!! These photos are so lovely! I love 'em all but the third one is probably my favourite! :)

  8. beautiful photos, and you are so pretty!

  9. Oh this is hard! I am debating between 2 and 4... ummmm... I love both! I'll go with four! I think it has a lot of interest and shows the definition of your jaw rather nicely! I must add that you look STUNNING in two though!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  10. oh my gosh i love all of them sal ~ you look gorgeous!!
    xo, k

  11. These are absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the fact that you called the one your "crouching tiger hidden dragon" pose!


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