Tuesday, 27 December 2011

diy jewelry storage

I always have a problem with storing jewelry. The jewelry stands are never big enough to hang my long and chunky necklaces or there are never enough space to store all of them so when i saw this diy on pintrest I was sold!

I love the mini earrings assemble. I am always losing my earrings so this is perfect!

It's such a clever way to organise your jewelry and very easy too!

the new year is approaching fast and i need to rack my brain and think about new year resolutions. I've got a few goals I would like to achieve. And one of them is to actually keep new year resolutions!

Planning on going to the shops today to buy last minute presents for my trip to Cornwall and perhaps get some nice frames in the sales for this delightful project too.

Have you thought of your new year resolutions yet?


  1. Awww i'm sooo happy that I was able to inspire!! i love the frames and everything you've made in the past few posts!! i hope you don't mind but i just had to share your diys and blog on my twitter and fb!!

    much love

  2. This is brilliant, I love posts like this that shows ideas of how to store jewellery! x

  3. This is a fabulous idea. I absolutely love it!


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