Monday, 26 December 2011

a diy christmas

this year i made more of an effort with the christmas decorating. Every year we head off to Cornwall to be with Stuart's family but unfortunately he has to work this Christmas so we had to spend it at home. And since it's our first christmas at home together I decided to make it a lil festive.

Ah how I love Christmas, it's the only time of the year where having alcohol for breakfast isn't frowned upon.

Yummy Salmon baguette and a lovely glass of champers for lunch. Ah bliss.
We only just realised that we didn't have any champagne flutes so wine glasses had to suffice.

Remember the freebie bunting?

made my own chocolate ornaments for the tree. Obviously the chocolate santas were store bought, but i stuck the wool onto it and turned them into my very own christmas ornaments. Clever? Yes I'd like to think so.

and last but not least, my pretty garlands and floating snowflakes. Pretty no?

I am very proud of myself and I am looking forward to next christmas already! But Christmas isn't over for us yet, no siree! We will going to Cornwall this 28th and have a 'belated' christmas dinner with the family and open more presents. Yay!

I love presents.

Hope everyone enjoyed their christmas :) xx


  1. so cute!! i love the falling snowflakes!!

    come visit to see my fourth challenge for the Jane by Design contest!


  2. everything looks beautiful!!!


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