Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 1

Today was the start of my 30 day shred. 

There are only two words to describe it.

Bloody hell.

It was tough but I managed to finish the whole thing without taking a break. I am really proud of myself! Gold star for me.

I am supposed to post a "before" picture but they look too horrible so I thought this nice picture of me pouring orange squash would be better. This still counts as a "before" picture.

I'm a little teapot short and stout~

Right I am off to bed. My whole body is aching which is good cos that means it's working. Goodbye Fatty Fats and Hello slim and fit Sal!

Oh I forgot to mention that I weighed myself this morning. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

my weight: 48 kilos = 105.8 pounds

So to celebrate I baked myself a banana cake....and muffins.


oh and Stuart's coming home tomorrow. Yeay!


  1. very cute photo!! i think you look great as is dear :)

  2. Good for you!!! :)

    Though it reallllly doesnt look like you need to lose anything.

    first time at ur blog! :)


  3. I think you look perfect the way you are.

    I dislike the fact that your doing a silly fad work out :(

  4. You're so cute!!! (& tiny!!!!)

  5. Hey Sal,

    I post it so early, cause in some hours, Australia will wake up and they will visit my page and nothing will be post. So I do it always friday nite :)

    BTW.. What a cute picture of you. I like it

  6. That is awesome job well done. I did the 30 day shred before my wedding and saw awesome results. Getting ready to start it over again tomorrow.

  7. HEY! Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours looks awesome, I'm adding it to my google reader! :)

    I just did my second day and I'm soooooore! Haha I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to lift anything up for the rest of the day! And I'm sooo hot! It's tough, but hopefully it will start to get easier soon! I think we're both doing it for the same reason -- not to lose weight, but to get in shape! I'm a young girl but I get out of breath SO easily, I shouldn't be like that! Haha.

    Ooh and I love the colour of your kitchen! It's similar to the colour of my bedroom.

  8. you are already so totally-not-fair-perfectly thin! 108 is nothing in America darling! but congrats on the challenge and that is too funny how you celebrate by baking whilst trying to lose haha. and thanks so much for wanting to post about the survey tomoro, i am excited to see your answers and your readers! xx

  9. Oh my goodness, you look AMAZING! Why on earth do u need to lose weight! Just keep a good balanced diet...cupcake in both hands lol! Seriously though, you look super cute!

  10. girrrrrrrrl, you're tiny! TEENY!


  11. sure ur only wee!!! I dont know if muffins and banana bread work when ur dieting.... Im pretty sure they dont lol xo


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