Wednesday, 14 July 2010

30 day challenge

hello my dear friends.

As you know I have started a new hobby called baking and baking leads to eating and eating leads to wearing pants with elastic bands. But because I do not wanna let go of my new found hobby yet, well I don't intend to ever if I wanna open a bakery like I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to join in Jamie's 30 day workout challenge.

For those of you who can't be bothered or do not have the time to hit the gym, this may be an answer to your prayers. It requires only 20 minutes of your time and it promises good results, if you follow the rules obviously but it's worth checking out.

I am keen to start because there was a time where I used to go to the gym everyday. I miss those days. I was fit and healthy. I have tried jogging in the park but it didn't last long. I prefer being on the treadmill. So this DVD workout is my last hope. I need to lose a few pounds before I go back to Brunei in August so I'm using that as motivation.

I ordered my DVD and it arrived in the post this morning and I am really excited! I am supposed to take before pictures which I hadn't done. Maybe I will do it tomorrow before doing the work out...and I also need to weigh myself *Gasp* NOT looking forward to that I tell ya!

Did you read that? It says you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days AND look like lady above. Ok maybe not. At least you'll feel leaner and healthier by end of day 30!

SO....If you are interested it's not too late. You can find out more about it on Jamie's blog.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! Hopefully I will at least get through the warm-ups!


  1. I actually have this video! I tried it once and almost passed out in the first 10 mintues. Guess that shows you how out of shape I am ;-)

    But I'm excited to see Jamie's blog and give the challenge a try. Off I go...

  2. sounds like a challenge! what exactly is your workout regime? Is there a diet plan as well? You should totally keep a journal on your progress :)

  3. Good luck!! I heard it kicks butt--:D

  4. good luck! i have been doing yoga & pilates this summer and loving it -- though it's been kicking my butt!

  5. Woohoo!!!! We can doooo this!!! :)
    So glad you're joining in on the fun. Wait. Did I just call exercise fun??? :)

  6. I'm anxious to hear how it works for you. I've always been an exercise hater (except for dancing & walking) so I don't know about this video for me but maybe if it's only 20 minutes...
    Good luck!

  7. good luck! i cant work out cuz of me.. i can just about get a shower without needing to rest after.. but good luck!! you should check out all the cook yourself thin stuff on 4od.. ive lost like 13lbs in 6 weeks just from changing how my food is cooked and what ingredients i use xoxo

  8. Good luck with it. I've recently started a yogalates dvd - yoga mixed wit pilates which I'm really enjoying so far - just hope I can stick with it.

  9. I don't know if I'm going to do the 30 day or not. I want to, I really do!! But I'm a little nervous about it. Nervous that I'll fail or gain 10 more lbs!! Ugghhh... but I should. I'll go over to Jamie's again and check it out. Thanks for the motivation dear! xo


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