Sunday, 20 June 2010


dear blog,

I have been a very naughty girl. I promised I would post at least once a day and i didn't. I am ashamed to say that I have grown bored of you. I know you have been nothing but awesome to me. You made me gain a few friends, made me happy with the wonderful comments I receive from my readers. Oh and thanks you to you I have readers! People who actually like hearing what I have to say. So why am I thinking of abandoning you? Like I said, I have been a very naughty girl.


I went on twitter last night. I tweeted about how my life is getting duller and duller each day and I feel it isn't worth it to blog anymore and I got a reply from Emily. She made me realise that it is a CHOICE. I have chosen to make my life as it is. This just shows how easy it is to make a person feel better by giving a few words of encouragement. That was all I needed. If you're reading this, thank you Emily! here's a HUGE hug for you from England :) 

It hit me even more when the boy said I have been pretty lazy for the past week. I wanted to scream. I haven't been that lazy (I think), I have been working hard to make the house feel like home and it isn't easy. I don't feel comfortable enough yet. (I didn't scream at him though, I soaked up his words and pondered for a bit)

And today.....

Sally Seltmann spoke to me.

No not literally.

It was through myspace.

She said:

and so I did.


  1. you go girl! sometimes it okey to be lazy and just tank up some energy! greets! good to see you back on the block, hehe!

  2. Welcome back Sal !!
    And we all have days or weeks sometimes where we don't want to share oursleves with the rest of the world!
    We all need to take time out to relax and be as dull as we like !!

  3. this post actually made me laugh!! I know how you feel!! And im in the same rut!! What ive started to do is... at the start of teh week when im feeling ok I will try to spend a day finding things i want to blog about - sometimes its a struggle but i always find wonderful inspiration in many different places.. and sometimes im lucky enough to have a stock in my flickr i havent blogged about already!! Once you do this you can spend a FULL DAY BLOGGING - and then set up your posts by date and schedule them :) I find using this time frees me up the rest of the week to actually do some crafting!! And then obv is something fab happens or i make something new i update that day!!

  4. Good to hear you're feeling happy again! x

  5. awww I used to post once a day and it became a chore. I ended up being tired of blogging all together, I found when I posted every other day it was a lot easier and a lot less stress. I heart you!!! and I hope you had an awesome weekend!! your beautiful!

  6. I love the photo of you.
    I worry about blogging but right now my body is out of whack. Don't worry if you blog every day or every once in a while. I will still be here!!!

  7. I know exactly how you feel! I was having trouble blogging lately too, but I realized that it's not something I do as my job, I do it for fun, so it should be fun. Don't stress about it! You are delightful and I am glad you decided not to abandon blog. I would have missed you!


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