Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

As you all know today is Father's Day and I am not proud to say this but I wished my dad through facebook. I meant to ring him but he is working offshore at the moment and it was a sweet message so I am pretty sure I made his day.

So I figured I would celebrate this special day by baking cupcakes. 

this is my first try at baking and I am happy to say it went pretty well. 

I am so proud of myself!

My pretty Vanilla cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

and they didn't taste too bad either!

please excuse me while I scarf down three more before bedtime.


hope everyone had a good sunday!


  1. Mm...looking very yummy, indeed!

  2. so yummy. how did u make them? I love baking so I have to try them

  3. ha ha bout the FB thing. i want those cupcakes!

  4. You got me with the cupcake photo! I'm a fool for those little cakes... LOVE red velvet and coconut..*drool*

    Stop by my blog when you have a chance. I'm hosting a summer giveaway for some letterpress goodies!

  5. Yummy! You are making me hungry for cupcakes.

  6. Just wanted to let you know I'm doing another giveaway. Three winners this time, just let me know which one (including a cupcake) you'd like to win!

  7. Ohh yummy. I'm trying to kick the sugar but these certainly have me drooling :)

    Hope your dad had a wonderful father's day!


  8. These look so good! The frosting looks yummingly decadent. Have one for me, please!

  9. mmm yummy! the cuppy cake looks soo delicious, especially that frosting! i'd say you did a great job!

  10. hey-- i saw you won the "a daily obsession" giveaway... didn't you win something else a month or so ago from another indie biz friend? you have the magic touch... maybe you should pick up a lottery ticket (-:
    don't stop blogging... i want to see more of your sketches. xoxo

  11. so sweet! Hope you had a good father's day!

  12. they look delicious! i just made the exact same muffins yesterday! :D


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