Thursday, 13 May 2010

My long awaited parcel has arrived!

It's here! It's finally here! I can't believe it. Remember the first ever giveaway that I won which helped start this blog of mine? Well, after more than a month(!!) it has finally reached my doorstep.

Marisol from Amarettogirl and I were worried it will never arrive cos it took too long of a time. One of the reasons was due to the volcanic explosion in Iceland. It was delayed for two weeks, then when it finally arrived here they had to detain it for custom charges. Ah well. 

But that's not important anymore cos it's here! Yipee!

Look at all the beautiful goodies!

they're mine, they are all mine~

I am gonna put them aside for my (future) child. One's a Hello Kitty colouring book and the other a Quiz Me book (a journal of quizzes, questions, doodles and daydreams)  Stuart says I should hope for a girl cos if it's a boy he will be well gay! ha!

I love these! They are similar to my favourite snack back home called YanYan

Say hello to Amy and Kiki

I thought I'll eat one for the picture


I got carried away and ate the whole thing! Boo!

Thank you Marisol, I love them all so much! :)


  1. hi sweetie-- that looks like SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Oh my gosh I love everything you received. Jealous of all the Hello Kitty goodies. I received those HK stick things with chocolate from my happy mail partner, Sasha. I had never had them before and thought they were pretty good.

  3. wow that is AMAZING Happy Mail!!! Those Hello Kitty goodies are so cute! I bet this package made your day, I know it would mine! Hope you have a great Thursday!

  4. Wow! Awesome goodies!!! Love HK! <333 Michelle

  5. I remember posting about this!! what a great win! xo

  6. Great stuff!! I love winning giveaways, but who doesn't? Have a great day!

  7. is that a stitch or a koala? XD

  8. Awesome goodies!!! Love your pics!!! You're too cute. Hope you have a great day!

  9. I think it might be impossible to eat just one?? Yay for goodies!

  10. YYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYY!!!! So happy you love it and blogged about it and took picks with iT and ate the whole little pack - now that I know you love those so I will keep it in mind!! Hey don't save everything for your future child - like some of those Quiz me questions are too much fun and might contribute to your current art journaling ;)) I just loved seeing you in these pics and you made my day!! I really hope you enjoyed it and I'm so happy it and I played a small role in inspiring you to bLOG!! thank goodness ;)))

  11. Aw, so fun! Getting things in the mail is the best, especially when it's a great little package of goodies like that. Who couldn't help eating the whole box? I think I have the same scarf as you!

  12. oOo, so much good stuff!! PS, I LOVE YAN YANS!!! Strawberry > Chocolate. And those Koala cookies!! YUM!

    Super jealous of your Hello Kitty stuff too! Have a great weekend!


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