Monday, 3 May 2010

Chocolate Cake

My boyfriend's such a sweetie. 

He baked me a chocolate cake.

Ta-Da! Fresh from the oven.

Oops. Icing overload! Stuart loves icing...with a vengeance.

My favourite part is the Dark Chocolate Sauce

Not only it tastes more delicious with it, it makes it look prettier too. Don't you agree?

Mmmm...this is what I had for tea and it's also going to be my dessert for later! 
(Thanks my love!)


  1. wow thats one good looking cake

  2. Wow! I am impressed!! You have ana amazing boyfriend! Looks so delicious! What kind of cake/icing was it? Is it possible to get the recipe from you!? :) Let me know! <333 Michelle

  3. Yum! :)
    Now I would like cake please!

  4. yuuuuumm! :)
    im gonna try it :)

  5. wow this is wonderful looking!


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