Saturday, 1 May 2010

More Art Journal Sneak Peeks

Been trying to catch up on my art journal. 

I still have a couple more pages to do over the weekend.

I'm not so proud of this one

This is the first time I have drawn and painted since my last art class...and that was in 1995

Needs a bit  alot a bit of  work me thinks.

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed them. One of topics for the class was to find a new space to jot down your thoughts. I was gonna head off outside to our garden but it was raining today and there were thunderstorms and hail! Hopefully it will be better tomorrow cos we are planning on going out to do some errands.

Oh remember I talked about postcrossing? Well I have someone to send a postcard to but I can't seem to find any postcards here! It's insane. When I lived in Exeter you could find them almost anywhere because it becomes a tourist spot during the summer since it's by the coast. If there is still no sign of them tomorrow Stuart and I are gonna cheat ( cos we're naughty) and get some in London (Yipee! Candy Cakes here I come!) when we go there on Tuesday. Ha!

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! Love ya!


  1. love the art journal pages...makes me wish I would have taken this class... maybe next time :)

  2. Your art journal looks great! I was a ninny and didn't take it because it is out of my comfort level, but I probably should have anyway!

  3. I love your art journal pages `=) I still have so much to do.. hoping I'll get around to it tonight

  4. oh, so pretty!
    i wish i was more talented at art. this is so so lovely.
    i hope you are enjoying your class...what a dream class!
    when are you back in brunei?! i'm heading to borneo may 20th!

  5. maybe we need to revive our penpal letters:))

  6. so great art journal pages-- are you taking the class from red velvet? i am and you are inspiring me to get going!


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