Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Here it is!

Here it is folks!


Sorry it's ripped. It's only a sample. 

I am so  in love with it. With this wallpaper I don't even have to paint the rest of the walls in the studio. I was thinking of keeping it 'fresh'. In other words, I'm too lazy.

Oh, I did something exciting today.

Have you heard of a site called Postcrossing? I found out through one of my art journal classmates; a 9 year old girl named Bella (Thank you Bella!)You should check out her blog, she is so talented and oh so adorable! 

Back to Postcrossing. Do you love receiving mail? Well I do. So I signed up for this project where you get to receive postcards from all over the world for free! Of course you would have to send postcards too. Isn't it a fantastic idea? Stuart signed up for it as well and we are both really eager to send our first one. We are going to reserve one wall in the lounge just for the postcards we receive. Yeay!

Wait. There's more.

Here's a cool freebie from a fellow blogger and classmate, Thursday of mygirlthursday! For those of you who love to plan their posts, well, this is the thing for you! It's a planner for blog posts. I personally don't particularly plan mine which is bad cos I end up with posting up rubbish. Oops. So I downloaded it, printed, placed each one in a clear plastic folder and stuck them on my wall. Hooray! 

You can also make it into a book. I do mine this way so I can write on it with whiteboard marker and rub it off after I am done.

Isn't it lovely?
 (Thank you Thursday!xo)


  1. Post crossing I have never heard of it but I am for sure going to check it out! I love the wallpaper its so pretty!


  2. Thank you for mentioning my blog.You are AWESOME!I can't wait to get my first postcard from postcrossing.I am mailing some out name on postcrossing is littlebella.
    love from bella

  3. I'm glad you like my little download. I hope it helps! I'm excited to start using it too.

  4. Love the wallpaper! It is so classy-retro! You will have to show us what it looks like when you are done (there-something to put on your blog planner! I love planning and planners. I map out the whole school year in September...makes other teachers a bit crazy....anyway! I so have to go and download that!)

  5. Totally loving that wall paper I bet it will look awesome!!


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