Wednesday, 12 May 2010

london rendevous

I had an amazing day yesterday. One of my favourite cousins came to London for a business trip so Stuart and I went over to London to meet up with him for a few hours. I haven't seen him for ages and I am ashamed to say that I missed out on his wedding last November. Now he's married and expecting! Isn't it strange how fast things change in less than a year? 

You cannot begin to imagine the joy I felt when I saw him running towards me across the busy lobby of the hotel, or when we hugged each other ever so tightly. I was so happy that for a minute there I forgot about Stuart standing behind me waiting to be introduced.

We spent the day doing last minute shopping for his family and the upcoming addition. Afterwards we had a nice dinner at a small Malay restaurant. Stuart loves dessert but he didn't care much for Malay desserts though. He thinks they are awful! We had "Seri Muka" a two layered cake with steamed glutinous rice at the bottom half and green custard on the top (it's green because it's cooked with pandan juice). 

this is what it looks like

It was nice but quite expensive. 60pence for a small piece (as shown in picture above) It costs us One Brunei Dollar (US$0.73) for 4 (much bigger) pieces back home. 

I had a really lovely time. It was good seeing someone from home again, especially when it's a family member. Can't wait to go back in August.

Oh happy days are here again~


  1. you're so lucky to be able to make a day trip of visiting london! i think it would take me that long just to get there:) that's so great that you got to see family though. family+shopping+food= a perfect day! hope you are doing well, have an amazing rest of your week!

  2. ah, london. wish I could go there someday (:

    (are they really nice? it's usually snacked
    on over here. I didn't even know it was a dessert.)

    thanks for popping by my blog XD

  3. "Oh happy days are here again~". It's such a beautiful sentence. I'm happy to hear it :).

    I just read your post from the day befoer yesterday. I don't know what to say exactly, so I'm just going to send you a big virtual hug! I really hope better days are coming soon.

    So happy I found your blog! (through Tell Your Story)

  4. wow that cake stuff looks really good!!! Have a great day!!

  5. I have a cousin like that in Puerto Rico - and so many years pass but when we see each other its still the same as though we were children playing in grandmas house! So happy for you to have had this day!


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