Saturday, 15 May 2010

a lil homesick

there's a family gathering today back home to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Happy belated birthday Zar! 

it's times like these when i miss home the most. the chit chat. the food. oh the food. my grandma shouting at the lil ones (that's how she talks - she shouts. once we were in a shopping mall and my cousin and i could hear her shouting on her cellphone from upstairs! you see my grandma thinks people on the receiving end can't hear you properly through the phone hence the shouting) the dads and mums gathering around catching up on the latest family affair. this time it would probably be my sister's wedding plans and my cousin's upcoming baby. oh august please come soon.

i miss these silly faces~

oh and this makes me happy

Doesn't it make you want to jump up and dance?


  1. gosh. it must've slipped my mind.
    I saw your name but I didn't realize.
    you're malay? (: you look sorta chinese
    from photos. oh well (:

    if you have a close knit family, I know
    you can miss them a lot ^^

  2. haha yeah I am malay. I am mixed actually. My mum's Pakistani Chinese and my dad's Arab-Malay but I follow my mum's side more!

  3. I miss home too :( Nothing compares to family and all the fun moments. My family is very close.. and we try to keep in touch via facebook with family overseas. What a mix you are! I thought I was a mash up myself :)


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