Saturday, 15 May 2010

art journal entries

Here are some more art journal pages. Still got lots to go! I'm a bit slow when it comes to journalling as you can see. I spend too much time on drawing and painting.....and procrastinating. Ok more on the latter than anything else. I promise I'll be good and catch up this weekend.

Hope everyone's having a great start to their weekend!


  1. If you're enjoying the process, no worries as to how long it may take! =)
    Love your handwriting! That last painting is beautiful!!!! Love seeing your pages! I'm hoping to work on mine some this weekend too. Hope you're having a great day!!! xo

  2. loving the pages you come up with (:
    keep them coming ^^

  3. i love these pages so much! you and ur bf are so cute xo

  4. I am behind again. I would not like to rush because I want them to be true so, no worries on you being behind.

    I love seeing your drawings/paintings. Love the last one and all your pretty tape--:D

    have a super weekend.

  5. What lovely pages! Is that fabric on the first page? I adore the colours in it.

    Are you taking the art journalling class too? I'm sort of wishing I was in it now.

  6. yes i am taking the class. so far it's been really awesome and yes it's fabric, i cut up one of my old scarves :)


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