Wednesday, 19 May 2010

dinner for one

the boyfriend is away for the next couple of days. i know this sounds really pathetic but i miss him already and it has only been 6 hours! ha!  

i like having the house to myself though. i can sing as loud as i want, watch girly movies, not having to shower for days (ha ha not really) and best of all i can eat as much junk food as i want without having to share although having said that, i checked our snack drawer and there's nothing but crisps! ugh. I want chocolate! oh and i got a text from him saying he took a detour on his drive to Exeter and bought our favourite chocolate biscuits cos they were on offer. cheeky! he's probably happily munching on them now as we speak. Grr.

I had an early dinner today basically because I was bored. That's the problem with me, I eat when I'm bored. So I made myself some nice sweet and sour scampi with Brussels sprouts. I added some chicken frankfurters because there weren't enough scampi, and served it with egg fried rice. Mmmm...

I dunno about you but i think even my food looks like its missing Stuart.

Good news. I finished one of my art journal pages today. This was suppose to come before the "raindrops" entry but I wanted to do the other one first.

what do you think?



  1. Sal! Love the journal pages...If we lived in on the same continent I would be over so then you can cook for meeee :) hehe. Dinner looked fab! I can't cook. Enjoy the house to a movie...go get chocolate! <333

  2. oh my goodness your page is fab!! I love how you did the the thought bubble and how you journaled on the page. Puts mine to shame. I hated how mine turned out.

    Enjoy your girly time!! Lets see rent Leap year --that is a good girly movie or Valentines day looks really good.

  3. Love the journal page! I feel the same way...none of my family members check my blog. If they do, it is usually by force.

  4. Great journal page and I really enjoyed reading your thoughts (although I did feel a bit like a stalker at the time!). Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. By the way, your blog looks fantastic! I am almost missing blogging now after reading this here...

  5. oh my gosh I absolutely love your journal page!! Its so pretty!!!!!!! I really relate to how you feel about blogging, I never thought I would be a blogger either. I love it though and have found amazing friends through it!!

    Dont feel bad about missing your boyfriend, my hubby is deploying for 6 months and i know I miss him already and he isnt even gone yet. Your dinner looks really yummy!!! Oh and I eat when Im bored too!!

  6. Aw! I totally know what you mean, haha. My boy is a police officer, so he works every other week. It's hard when he has to go back on Monday after I just spent an entire with him! lol But, of course, it means I can do so much while he's away! I watch a lot of period dramas (ok, more like movies based off of Jane Austen's books ha), catch up on my shows, and craft!
    Even if, I think that meal looks great! :)

    I love your page! I totally get what you mean about being a blogger. I'm mostly a private person in the real world...but there's just something about connecting with other on the internet that's miles easier! And hey, even if I don't get a million pageviews, I certainly enjoy it and it helps me emotionally. It can't get any better than that! :)

    Thanks for your words're definitely a sweetie! Hope you're having a wonderful week...and WILL have a great weekend!


  7. Great page sal, really Nice. Well i understand that you miss stuart. Hè is your other hihi;).

    Wel enjoy your girly time and talk to you soon:)

  8. I like this page! really creative to put
    that thought bubble in to go with the title XD

  9. i love your thoughts page!! Im never arsed cooking for one which is so bad.. im not left on my own for dinner that often n when i cook its usually for me n my bf and my housemates... so I only really know appropriate portion sizes for 3 and 4..
    ive put on so much weight though :( flippin weight watchers here we come

  10. Like I've already written on flickr, the food looks sooo delicious! :)


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