Friday, 21 May 2010

adventures in the city

today i spent the whole day window shopping. i haven't been to the city in a while now cos the weather has been pretty rubbish. it was nice and warm with a bit of sunshine so I decided to grab that opportunity and head out.

On my way to the train station I got stopped by an elderly lady. She was wearing a long coat which I found a bit odd cos it was 23 degrees celcius.

Old lady: "It's gonna get colder next week"
Me: "Sorry?"
Old Lady: "I said It's gonna be colder next'll see" *looking at me up and down with a frown*
Me: "Er..thanks"

Weird! Just in case you were wondering I was wearing a dress, nothing too short mind you, and a long cardi. I think it was probably my pasty white legs that got to her.

So off I trot to the city, and whilst walking around, a few guys shouted "Ni Hao" which means "How are you?" in Mandarin and one even came up and whispered "Ooh nice" to me. Gross. I get that alot. No, I don't mean the weirdo whisperer. The part where people think I am chinese. Sometimes I get "Kunichiwa" but rarely. And when I explain that I am Malay, they go "Ohhh, Malaysia" I hate that! No offence to Malaysians, I've got family there, but I absolutely hate it when people think Malays are only Malaysians. Anyway enough about that, back to my adventure in the city centre.

I walked all around town, got lost trying to get to the Jewelry Quarter, then decided to look for the canals instead. Got lost again. Wanted to go to a different coffee place but when I reached there, it was 3pm! There were a few on the way and they were closing as well, i guess they only open for lunch...maybe.

So I spent 7 hours out, and only rested for half an hour at, where else, Starbucks. Had my usual with a piece of cake. I don't know why I ordered it, because I actually do not like it. You see I can never decide what I want and when I get to the till, I panic and just pick the first thing that catches my eye, sometimes I get lucky and pick a nice cupcake, this time though I wasn't. Their Chocolate Velvet cake is rubbish! It took me a long time to finish it.

my iPod and some leaflets to keep me company

Yeuch. Nasty cake.

Ooh ooh guess what I discovered?

Mmmm....Yan Yan (amongst others)! They were quite pricey though so I didn't get any.

and this!

It's an arts and crafts shop organised by "created in Birmingham" which is an organisation that supports  local artists. Apparently they have been around for three months but I only found out just now. Ah well. I didn't get to buy anything cos as you can see from the picture they were closing, but I did manage to have a quick browse through.

All in all I had a really good day. I do miss stuart though, it would've been more fun if he was around.

To be honest I had lots more to blog about but I am just so tired right now. I apologise.

Goodnight all. See you tomorrow.


  1. OMG ur soo funny! what R Yan Yan. R they cookies or would u call them biscuits?

  2. yan yan is awesome!!!!! thankfully I can get a whole bunch of them here XD

    I understand about people thinking you're
    chinese and I know what you mean about people
    thinking malays are from malaysia XD

  3. Teddi: they are these really awesome biscuits with creamy chocolate on the side where you dip the biscuit into. I made my mum bring me some from home and she was like "Yan Yan?? Isn't that what lil kids eat?" I don't know why she says that, I didn't see any age restrictions on the carton ha!

    naddie: You know it costs GBP1.29 each!? which is extortion is you ask me. I'm not THAT desperate yet.

  4. hahah you are so funny. I was laughing a lot while reading ur story. And btw..the same happen to me all the time at starbucks -- so dont worry :D

  5. I ditto everyone else you are funny, and so was that old lady. Classic!

  6. Looks like a great day!

    Regarding your comment on the happy mail blog: We'd love to have you! We have participants from all over the world! =) Let me know if you have any questions!

  7. I love how your Ipod looks. I have sticker on mine as well. I feel it gives off a unique personality.

  8. yan yan!!! SO yummy.. My fave flavor is the Strawberry and Hazel Nut. I would love to visit the UK one day.. it's on my list of places to visit :)


  9. kate: I have had my stickers for 4 years now! I love it too much to change it.

    Marsinah: They have Hazelnut ones!? What!? How come I have never seen them? I only know Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry

  10. looks like a great time! Happy travels.


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