Saturday, 17 April 2010


Feeling lethargic and uninspired (hopefully not for long)

Any tips on how to get back on track? xo


  1. Oh no! I totally understand this feeling :(

    How about a cup of coffee, a trip to your favorite shops, bring your camera and take pictures of anything that may inspire you, like color of things, people, animals, store displays... This always helps me out!


  2. for got to add, buy some inspirational magazines, cut out the pics and put them up on your creative board!

  3. take a long walk and try to relax a little :) Inspiration will come naturally, don't try too hard


  4. Head to the design or craft section of a book store or library and take in the eye candy. Buy some beautiful magazines. Grab some paint chips from the hardware store and come up with color combinations you would have never thought of. Listen to some great music. Get some fresh air. Doodle!

    Love that FABULOUS photo*!*

  5. I wrote this long ago, might help!

    - hope you don't mind the link hun, remove it if you like, I won't mind :)

  6. thanks so much for the comments guys! I really appreciate it :)

    Cassie: Just finished reading it. Thanks!! I am gonna start writing down a list of things to do (it's a start) No worries about the link I'm sure someone else will benefit from it! :)

  7. sometimes when i need inspiration i look through some indie business classes. they always do the trick and help me get back on track!

  8. I feel that way sometimes too I always look through blogs and pictures!

    Btw you have the cutest blog!


  9. Elycia & Carrie: thanks! I feel much better today after reading the replies. You guys are the best :) thanks or dropping by xo

  10. this pic of you is wonderful...when I feel uninspired I remind myself that doing nothing is underrated and sometimes it is prep for doing something wonderful later. Your mind needs to process and refuel and we tend to think thats 'uninspired' but it might just be 'time to process..' xoxxo hopefully you'll be opening an inspiring box soon!


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