Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ice cream

Today was a pretty warm day so Stuart and I decided to have ice cream. We usually get one or two ice cream vans passing by our street daily. And so we waited impatiently for the ice cream music to alert us of its coming. When we finally heard it, we got pretty excited and hurriedly made our way out. I was surprised to see how quiet it was though. Stuart and I were its only customers.
Our local Ice Cream Van on our street.

We took our ice creams to the garden to enjoy and while we were there I found this fella hiding between the plant pot and some bushes. You can tell we never really spend time in the garden much.

and this fella
and this one
The garden is in need of some serious weeding and mowing!

Last but not least, there is also this fella who I have always known about since I can see him from the kitchen and plus, he is the only one in colour so he's easier to spot.

I decided to take a picture of him "Amelie" style.

Oh before I go, I would like to thank everyone who has commented on my last post. Just by reading the comments have made me feel much better. Thanks ever so much. You guys are the best! xo


  1. Oh I love Amelie and it was so nice to see your street! Where was everybody??? Crazy folks no ice cream on a warm day - what were they thinking! and your garden friends are DELIGHTFUL!!! the Amelie gnome is too funny!!
    BTW.......anything yet? Its been a week! Oh no my hub just said he wonders if it was delayed by the volcanic air flight delays???

  2. Sorry Marisol I haven't received anything yet. It's so frustrating! Every morning I hope to see a parcel for me but nada.

    I think your hub may be right. Stuart was just saying this morning it might be delayed due to the volcanic incident. Also he heard that all mail from the US for the UK will be flown to Spain. Have you received my letter yet?

  3. mmm! i would love an ice cream right now! what a fun adventure:)!

  4. When I was in college I had a lawn gnome named David that hung out in my dorm and slowly traveled to other friends dorms. Then one day someone stole him. Worst ever!


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