Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I won another giveaway!

Remember this giveaway? Well, I won it!!! *dances*

The next you see it will be around my neck! *teehee* 

thank you again DeAndra for this super awesome giveaway! You are a star!

Sorry this is gonna be a short post. I've had too much to eat today *oops* It's not my fault! I know I shouldn't have that last bit of chocolate after such a big dinner but if I don't eat it Stuart's gonna finish it up and it'll be a while til I get to have it again (we got it at IKEA - they don't just sell awesome furniture, their food range is pretty awesome too. The chocolate is to die for as well as their mini cinnamon buns and their almond tarts!!...Mmmmm...I highly recommend it!) 

So yes I think I need to lie down now *groan* 

Oh before I go, did you hear about Starbucks giving out free coffee on the 15th? Yes, that's this Thursday

My local Starbucks! [source]

You can find out more here. I would love to go but by the time I get there they will probably be out of it! We've only got two in the city centre. Yes...just two *sigh* not like you guys in the states or in London even. That's one of the things I love and miss about London - Starbucks (and every other coffee franchise) on every corner. 

Anyhoo, off to bed. Feelin a lil sick.

Note to self: No more chocolate tomorrow......just cinnamon buns.


  1. Yay, congratulations!!!
    That necklace is beyond adorable!

    Thanks so much for your sweetest comments and your award! Humbling for sure as you know I think your blog is the cutest!

    Yes, Malaysia is SO gorgeous but I could really do without the humidity...and they've had one of the hottest months on record.

    Love&Light, sweetheart!

    ps - I also ate waaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much chocolate yesterday. Uggghhh. Haha.

  2. Congrats!!! That necklace is awesome!!! I'm about an hour and a half away from Starbucks. Boooo!!! Sounds so delicious right now!!! Hope you feel better and have a great day!

  3. Jodes: that is one thing that i do not miss about being in that part of the world....humid weather! you sweat even when you're indoors! it's crazy. xo

    Jamie: an hour and a half from starbucks?? Boo is right! lol i'm feelin much better thanks :) xo

  4. Aww, I miss the Bullring! I spent my high school and college years in Birmingham (now in London). I used to work in the Borders when it first opened and now it's closed (I haven't been there since as it upsets me too much). How long have you been there for? xx

  5. I've only been here since Dec. I used to be in London for uni like a decade ago! You should still come to Birmingham (so you can show me the sights! lol) xx

  6. much congrats :) xx



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