Thursday, 15 April 2010

I love....

 Cupcakes from Candy Cakes. It's a shame they've only got shops in London.

Starbucks coffee especially Caramel Macchiato.

getting mail even if it's not for me.

lil random notes.

candid family portraits. this is a picture of my family back home. my sisters are wearing red and the old lady making a face is my grandma. this photo always brightens up my day.

the colour orange. it's my most favourite colour in the world.

and Stuart of course :)

what are the top 3 things you love? xo


  1. Oh that cupcake shop!!! LOVE <3
    Where is "Back home" ?

  2. soo now i totally want a cupcake!! haha they look delish!
    starbucks is totally my weakness (well and cupcakes)!
    mail is completely awesome i agree!!!
    where is back home out of curiosity??

    ps is stuart the boyfriend? majorly cute (good job!!! hehe)


  3. Ok I have way too many things to share with -
    First YOU ARE BEAAAUUUTIFUL! TWO- I am seething in jealousy over that LONDON only cupcake store - so if you ever want to get me a gift- you know what I want! Third - have you gotten the package yet??
    Fourth that pic of your fam is DELIGHTFUL!
    Fifth the top three things I love are my dogs (COUNTS AS 1mega number!), my hub, my studio
    and the 6th thing - I have a new giveaway on my blog!! check it out!

  4. OH! and I forgot I love the color orange too! I painted my living room a shade of that color! One day I'll show you a pic! and...
    I finally finished my blog widget! I call her Rettogirl - short for Amarettogirl- I hope you like her and maybe even grab her;))

  5. Hi guys! Back home is Brunei, a small country in South East Asia.

    Cassie, we should meet up in London one day and have those cupcakes!

    Kellie: thanks! I am the luckiest girl in the world :)

    Marisol: We can swap cupcakes, you send me some nice red velvet ones! lol another
    giveaway you say? I'm gonna hop over to yours now! haha oh and i think it's hilarious how your dogs came first before your husband!

  6. dogs def come first and I hope you get the package soon - sad to hear that you haven't yet it was very expensive to send ($40) and I had to fill out a declaration form so I hope it wasn't I'm sad

  7. yay! you grabbed rettogirl- thanks :)

  8. oh dearie me! that is expensive! Don't be sad, I am sure it'll turn up! It might be here tomorrow! *fingers + toes crossed* Rettogirl is really cute! Dunno when I'm gonna start on mine yet! xo

  9. Next time I'm in London I am hitting up that Cupcake shop and you'll have to join me! ;)

  10. Gidget, that would be awesome! :)

  11. Yay for shared orange love! I love that photo of the creamsicles!

  12. Yes definitely! Worth it for cute photo opportunities alone lol :)


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