Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Happier post as promised! :)

Remember this?

I've decided not to get the wallpaper or paint my studio blue. 

Reason being? 

Wallpaper didn't look as nice as it did on the photo.

So I've decided on another colour.

[sources via weheartit]

Can you guess what colour it is?

Ps. I got a sample of the new wallpaper in mind, will post it tomorrow! 


  1. Fabulous visuals! My old laundry room was painted your "new" color :) Love the last photo. I got to see that one in Japan...it was pretty amazing! Can't wait to see your studio :)

  2. ah, my room at my parents house is that secret warm color and i miss it so. good choice :)

  3. ah wow. i loves it!! I painted my room turquoisey blue and then ended up having to move my craft room. So the living room is tuquoisey blue.... in the summer and spring time its amazing but in autumn and winter i was wishing for white walls so i could change my soft furnishings!! But now that its summer.. i love my bright blue walls. Im so fickle :p x

  4. Marsinah: You actually got to see it in real life? wow that's awesome! i have yet to go to Japan. It's on my things to do list.

    Moorea: Thanks! It's my most favourite colour :)

    Claire: lol i'm fickle as well! right now our lounge has red and brown wallpaper. It looks great in the cold months but it looks dark and dull now! Can't wait to be rid of it! x

  5. Beautiful color, that sounds very exciting!

  6. beautiful! can't wait to see how it will turn out

  7. i think that color is fabulous! totally pops!


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