Monday, 9 April 2012

70s shoot

Last couple of weeks I had the pleasure of working with Scott Harrison-Jones and his talented production arts team. It was a 70s shoot and a 1920s shoot.

I had so much fun wearing a long wig (never done that before), it was pretty heavy and big! I had to wear a scarf underneath just to make it fit, and the hat helped a bit with making it stay put.

I felt like Yoko Ono, but Stuart's dad said I looked like Kate Bush which is even better cos I love her. I haven't received the other images from the 1920s shoot yet but when I do I will be sure to share them :)

Hope everyone had a good easter and not feeling too ill from consuming too much chocolate!


  1. What a fun shoot! You look great! Excited to see the 1920's shoot, I love that era!

  2. you look gorgeous!! loving it all..


  3. whoa. GORGEOUS photos!!! You're incredibly pretty!

  4. Love your outfit! Pretty :]

  5. Wow these are gorgeous! The outfit is lovely! X

  6. Love the long wig on you.
    I also love you with your bald look.
    You are beautiful.

    I am married to a beautiful bald woman who has alopecia universalis. Like you, she is gorgeous.

    I love the bald look on gorgeous women, you can really see their beautiful feminine features without hair in the way. My wife's smooth bald head is wonderful to touch as well.
    Bald women rule!

    Bald women can change their look when they want and wear wigs or headscarves, as my wife sometimes does.

    I love it too when my wife wear her bald look and dolls herself up with her makeup, a pair of long dangle earrings, and a sexy dress or lingerie.

    Many men I know love the bald look on women. It is a wonderful fashion style for beautiful women, whether they shave their heads or are beautiful alopecian women.

    Gerald in Minneapolis, U.S.A.


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