Sunday, 29 January 2012

once upon a fashion show

last year i had the pleasure of modelling for a friend who's a fashion student for the end of year fashion show in uni. 

It was truly nerve wrecking! 

You have to walk quickly and avoid tripping infront of a mass audience. I honestly don't know how runaway models do it.

Below you'll find Sukhi, the make-up artist, working her magic. I have never worn black lipstick before this but I really liked it and I think it suited me.

all ready to go!

Off I trot, elegantly of course

photos courtesy of Sim Panesar, Sukhi Panesar and Uttsav Pattel

 I apologise for the quality of the photographs. I had to steal them from different sources.

It was a really great and memorable day!

Happy Sunday folks! 



  1. how cool! and what neat makeup! this looks like fun!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh how awesome!!! That's so awesome that you got a chance to do this! :)

  3. You'r envy of the sunny days and I'm envy of the cold and the winter :( I mean, we have cold in here, but only in july! :(

  4. You look great. Love the dress! I've worked some fashion shows before and what goes on behind the scenes is never what one imagines.

  5. you look awesome sal! you are right, the black lipstick really suits you - i've always loved the looks of it, wish i could pull it off ;) ;)
    xx, k

  6. the black lipstick made you look so couture! I have tried it for fun as well, but in real life as dark as I go is burgundy! (Tom Ford's Black Orchid shade!)

  7. very awesome! i love black lipstick!



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