Friday, 27 January 2012

Lookbook competition

hello pretty ones,

Sorry I haven't been blogging my internet has been terrible so I took the chance to focus on my illustrations and that's what I have been doing.....drawing, drawing drawing! It has been a while since I did and I am trying to get back into it.

Also I have fantastic news. I participated in a lookbook competition which you can see from my sidebar and I won! The theme was 'Cheap Fashion'.

You can read about the post here.

This is what I won

Such a lovely dress! This has made my week. Thank you Angela :)

I think I will wear it for Valentine's Day if i gets here in time :) Yay!

Please check out Angela's blog. She has great fashion sense and always an inspiration! :


  1. congratulations! that's awesome!

  2. Hey, congratulations :D You and your blog do deserve because it's very very nice :) I follow it on bloglovin' hope you can take a look on mine too, and follow if u want :D

  3. Wow congratulations! The dress is like gorgeous! Happy weekend!

  4. congratulations sal!! i love angela's blog - what an awesome prize!!
    xoxo, kristina


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