Friday, 16 December 2011

Free gift

First of all I would like to welcome my new followers! Thank you for finding my blog interesting enough to follow :) I really appreciate it.

For all you lovely ladies out there I present to you Eyeko, a British make-up company which specialises in high quality eye make up.

Eyeko London, Tube Mascara Wardrobe and Eye Make Up


Click on the link above and you will get a special gift when you purchase over £15 (for UK customers) and since the majority of my readers are from the states, for orders above $20 you will get a special gift from Eyeko when you use my ambassador code E18289.

I don't know about you but I am a sucker for free gifts.

With this purchase you get to buy amazing make-up for a girlfriend or that nice work colleague you like and you also get a nice little something for yourself all for just £15! It's a win/win!

If someone got me this as a christmas gift I'd be ecstatic. 

A girl can't have too many eye make-up!

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend :)

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