Saturday, 12 November 2011

Did you know that Jeff Bridges is not only an amazing actor, he is also a musician and an excellent photographer? I have just recently found his site and I must say I do love his photography work. He made some amazing photobooks which consisted of pictures he has taken on his recent films. I, myself, find them terribly inspiring.

Might be taking my camera out for an outing soon. I am terrible when it comes to snapping shots. When I remember I take it in my purse and head out to the world for inspiration. Unfortunately it never ends well. I either forget about my camera or I get a little lazy and not bother so I get home, regret seeps in and then the cursing starts. It's a long vicious cycle.

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! xx


  1. yeah, so I've heard as well, great music too! x


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