Saturday, 7 August 2010

foodie friday

note to self: stop posting foodie friday posts on saturdays!


I've entered another, yes another challenge but this time it involves food. yum!

Lola is holding a "whipped challenge" where she will randomly pick three ingredients and you get yourself in the kitchen and whip up something! 

for this week she picked 

red onions

I admit when I saw rice I thought ah this is easy cos rice is my staple food. Only after doing it I found out (yesterday actually!) that it's a baking challenge. 


I didn't have time to bake anything yesterday so I am sticking to my current one.

I made Tomato Rice served with Black Pepper Chicken.

the tomato rice i made frrom scratch. the black pepper sauce came from a packet 


  1. looks so yummy. wanna try it.. would be something my bf would love to eat.

  2. tell me, is this GHEE a MUST USE? Cause I guess, we dont have it here.

  3. how do you keep up with all of these challenges?! i love peppered sauce... SO MUCH!

    I got the Gizzi Erskine Kitchen Magic cookbook.. its awesome.. we made the fried chicken..
    as soon as i put it in my mouth i went "OH MY GOD" and then didnt say another word.. nom nom nom

    it was a slightly healthier version of fried chicken.. man it was gorgeous!

  4. I have to agree with the comment above mine. HOW do you do all of these challenges?! Haha. I'm amazed, you rock! :)


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