Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Song Challenge - Day 3

A song that makes me happy.

it reminds me of the time when Stuart and I were getting to know each other. He made me a CD with this song in it :) happy times.

I got to see Imogen last few months at Bristol and she was AMAZING! So amazing that Stuart and I will be seeing her again this November when she performs at the Royal Albert Hall. I can't wait! 

She is so incredibly talented. For her concert this November she has written a piece for orchestra which she will conduct before her main show. Very exciting!

I love her....and of course you too my lovely readers. Sorry I have been pretty quiet lately. I will make it up to you soon.

much love,


  1. I'm so jealous you have gotten to see Imogen live. She hasn't come round my area in like five years! Eep. This song is adorable Good pick!


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