Monday, 12 July 2010

music monday

it's music monday time folks!

this is a favourite song of mine from Cherry Ghost. Just found out today that they have a new album out. Yeay! It's been too long.



  1. Hey Sal,

    long time not talked..

    Thanks for your comment. Well, I have to do a lot of those, cause thats good money for me. They buy them here like crazy.

    Svenja (is it as hot in England, as it is here in spain?) We have around 44º

  2. Yes. 44º Celsius. Its crazy. The only thing you can do is open every window and every door the whole morning, to get the breeze in and at 1pm you close everything. even the curtins. So there wont be any sun or light coming in.
    No, no Air-cond. Its too expensive. But it works really good, if the Jalousies are closed during the day. I hopen everything again at 9pm. Or, you go to the pool, but thats not an option for me. Im alergic to the sun. Great. Living in a sunny country :)
    But its my 5. summer here, so Im getting used to it. Next week I will be at the beach for one week with a friend of mine. Finally :)

  3. I just happened across your blog, that song is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. beautiful song grl, but 4 a beautiful soul i wouldn't expect NEthing else.


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