Saturday, 17 July 2010

a fun survey for all you bakers out there

Saw this on Lola's blog and thought it'd be fun to do. If  you haven't seen her blog well I suggest you head over there right now! Well, not right now right now. You have to stay and read my answers first. Please? 

The 'Obnoxiously Curious Peek At Kitchen Adventures' Survey

1) how often do you bake?:
every week! It used to be every few days after I baked for the very first time.

2) where/from who did you learn to bake? (school counts):
I only started baking a few weeks ago and I kinda learned it from my boyfriend Stuart. He used to bake alot but he wouldn't bake me cupcakes so that was when I decided to give baking a try.

3) what was the first thing you ever baked?:
Cupcakes!! Mmmm....

4) what was the last thing you baked and when?:
Yesterday and it was Banana cake and cupcakes with white chocolate frosting. Deeelish! 

5) what's your favorite thing to bake or cook?:

6) what was the worst thing you've ever baked and why did it fail?:
The banana cake. It was burnt :( I think the oven was too hot.

7) what's your favorite thing to add to baking? (sprinkles, dried fruit, nuts, etc):
If I could put walnuts in everything I would but Stuart doesn't like nuts. Boo! So I just add everything.

8) why do you like to bake?:
I find it relaxing and satisfying especially when people say that they love my baking.

9) where do you store baked goods after you've baked them? (container, freezer, etc):
containers. I hardly freeze them cos they run out real quickly!

10) where do you find your recipes? (cc, cookbook, family, own creation):
mostly online

11) what's something you've never baked before, but would like to?:
Cherry Bakewell Tarts and Pies! My dream is to open up a bakery one day so I would like to try to bake everything and anything!

12) what is your absolute ideal baking/cooking fantasy? (eloping to become a Parisian pastry chef counts):
Ooh I would LOVE to have a pie place like in pushing daisies!

I am sorry my answers are very exciting. I had fun doing it though. Feel free to do it and let us (me & Ms Lola) know! 



  1. oh yay!! looky you, just starting to bake like me. how exciting and wonderful. we shall journey through it together haha. pies are on my list to learn too, but quite intimidated. will do macarons first, after that, everything is uphill from there :)

  2. Wow. You bake every week? That's great. That's dedication. Inspiring for me because you only started a few weeks ago!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  3. Tonight i am going to show my dd to make cookies. She has done them before but for some reason the dough only made 10 cookies( i was at work so i could not help her).

    I use to bake cookies once a week and cupcakes maybe twice a month. then came working--:( of course my cupcakes were not fancy but they tasted yummy!!


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