Sunday, 13 June 2010


I'm baccck...

Hello my lovelies,

I can't believe I didn't blog for quite some time. Please forgive me. I said I would blog once I get internet but that didn't happen. Oops.

To be honest I was even thinking of quiting blogging. *Gasp* I know....What has gotten into me? I have been so stressed out with the lack of storage we've got, our bed's missing a few parts and the supplier's taking their time with them so we've been sleeping on the floor for the past week. Normally I wouldn't mind but the bed we're getting is an Ottoman bed and right now I need the storage space to store the rest of our things which are taking up the space in my so-called studio. Due to the lack of space my "studio" is not going as planned. It's going to part storage space, stuart's office space, a spare bedroom and my studio all rolled into one. The room is already super tiny on its own *sigh*

this is the before picture obviously. it's a right mess now.

So as you can guess I have been pretty grumpy lately (sorry stuart!) Poor Stuart had to cope with my grumpiness for the past week. He's probably thrilled that he has to go away for work for a night. To be honest I am as well. Don't get me wrong, I love him and all but I prefer for him not to be around when I'm sorting things out.

I am gonna get some work done and will be back later.

Thanks again for sticking around. love you.

ps. I won a giveaway! Tell you all about it later.


  1. woo welcome back :D im so glad! x

  2. I know which giveaway it is! lol (:

  3. thanks Claire! it's good to be back x

    naddie: sssh you'll ruin the surprise lol.

  4. O Sal dont quit blogging. totally missed u. movin is a nightmare 4 evry1 but u'll get thru it!

  5. oh I really hope you dont quit blogging :( That would make me sad sad!!!
    come back!!

  6. hope you feel better babe. one day at a time. we'll see you when you get back. i'm not going anywhere :]


  7. hi sal,

    no you can't stop blogging, that will make me sad:(. i am glad that you are back. take your time with everything, just one step at the time:)

    Oh and you got my letter, i am so happy. Glad that you love the broche:). i will be waiting for your letter:)

    talk to you sooon

    love ya

  8. hi, what cute blog! thx for the comment on Lily and the muse! a follower of your lovely postings now! hehe

  9. Glad to see you got the internet back! :D
    Definitely don't quit blogging...I think a lot of folks would definitely miss you!

    Oh! And I just read your comment...I would love to be penpals! Handwritten or email? haha



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