Thursday, 3 June 2010


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To my new followers

Thank you so much for following my lil blog. 

I apologise to you and my old followers for not being active lately. 

I have been so terribly busy the last few days what with the move and all. We are moving from a six (biggish) room house to a three (teeny tiny!) room apartment. Downsizing is the pits but the good thing is it's our very own place and we won't have to move ever again! *Woohoo* I really hate moving; the packing, the unpacking, the panic and worry that goes with it. I am the type who panics and worries alot so this is really taking a toll on me. Apart for that I am really excited

We've got lots to finish off in our current home, like cleaning and what not so yesterday I mowed the lawn, my first time ever! oh if only my dad could see me, he would be well proud! Stuart took a picture of me cos he thought it was funny I was mowing like I would do the hoovering. I didn't do it in a straight line and I had one leg up as if I was doing ballet  with the lawn mower. Did I mention it was my first time? I wanted to post it up but it showed such an unflattering view of my (now massive! no more chocolates and cakes for me ever again) behind I decided not to. Needless to say that the picture made me lose my appetite for the day...and hopefully for the month! fingers crossed.

Now I'm gonna head off to the hardware store to get wallpaper and paint.

Hope everyone's having a lovely day.

much love,


  1. Sal! I have missed you!!!!! Congrats on the move & never having to move again! I hate moving too!!! I always find a way of losing things?! Oh and props to mowing the lawn...something I swear I will never do...I have no upper body strength...I fear the lawn mower would take off leaving me dragging and clinging for life! (okay maybe a little exaggerated). Have a great day! <333

  2. i love those pictures!! and im terrified at the thought of moving so i refuse to move until my bf and i get a house and that wont be for a couple of years! Im staying put even if it ends up being a dirty protest lol xo

  3. congrats on your new nest!

    moving isn't fun, but settling into your own space will be amazing...and although downsizing is a pain, i think it's ultimately wonderful for our spirits.

    great work on the lawn mowing!

  4. awww look at that cute panda pic!! Glad you are all moved in!!! I sent your package the other day so let me know when you get it!!! I hope you have an awesome day!!

  5. so much cute!!
    also, I would like to see that grass mowing pic, sounds pretty dang funny and cute :)
    If you have to mow the grass, might as well do it with flare!!

  6. You moved? I just sent out a card last week I hope you get it-:(

    I have been super busy too. I had an interview for a job and then a drug test today.
    Glad to hear you are all moved in.

  7. Hello sweets ! I love your darling blog! Great job on the mowing...good exercise, but i prefer my hubby to do it! I am your new follower, please stop by and say hi when you get a chance!

  8. I feel your pain! I recently downsized from a small one-bedroom apartment to a single bedroom I'm renting in a house! It was definitely challenging, but something that was necessary for my budget - and my sanity! I hope you're settled in soon!


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