Saturday, 22 May 2010

more happy mail...

seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I am feeling so much love right now from my blogger friends. For those of who went out of their way to send me nice happy mail, well, I shall forever be in your debt. Is it too forward to say that I love you?  Pfft! Who cares? Here it goes -


warning: I might just get used to this kind of attention. 

Just so you know the pink lips and Audrey Hepburn ones are Claire's own prints which are my favourites of the lot (no, I am not being biased here, and no I am not trying to kiss ass hoping to get more lil things in the post *ahem* but I really do like them!)

thank you so much Claire. You are an absolute star!


  1. Hola Sal,

    I just wrote an Email to Beverly that I want to join the group. She wrote me back, that I have to give her my Blog-URL, Blog-Name and thats it. If you go to her page, (I have a link in my Post) you can read everything there. You find her Email-Contact on the side bar. Lets enjoy PINK SATURDAY from now on. Its my first time as well.. :D

    Love, Svenja

  2. Im sure she will. So you can join it dont know, maybe still this saturday, or next saturday. Would love to see yours. :D

    Hasta Luego


  3. I'm so glad you got them so quickly!! xo

  4. Do as your friend Svenja suggested. However, Beverly needs all the information in advance. You could probably make next Saturdays. Go to her post and if you do not understand, she will help you via email. She is a lovely lady and one you will enjoy working with.

  5. Happy mail is the best!!! Hope you get lots and lots MORE!!!! =)

    BTW, I got your happy mail payment but no survey! Thanks!

    Happy day to you! xo

  6. you are such a lucky lady! and so is your postman/woman. your mail route is like a portable art gallery. isn't snail mail the BEST?


  7. Gotta love happy mail!!

    those are so cute


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