Thursday, 27 May 2010

going MIA

Announcement: I won't be blogging for a few days

I need to make a portfolio for an art and design course that I am trying to get into and I am really worried because a. I have never done one b. I haven't done any Art (other than the art journal) in over a decade! 

these are what I have been working on. I still have a few more to go before the weekend.  I am not the best painter so I am really worried about this. Also, we're moving house this Sunday and I haven't started packing yet! heeelp!

Do you guys have any tips on how to prepare a portfolio and what other type of paintings I should do? I really hope to get in so any suggestions or advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

much love,


  1. Unfortunately...I have no advice! But I hope and pray that ideas will fill your head and that your portfolio will come together magnificently!! <333

  2. I have no advice, sorry! I love the little houses!!

    I guess I would tell you just go with your gut. You are so talented and I am sure what ever you do will look fabulous!! I hope everything turns out for you and I wish you the best.


  3. i think you have done a great job so far already.Choose to make something that you do feel confident about! I don't know what you are going to do at the art design class... Do they want do see different art works of you? If so then i would choose to work with different materials. Maybe even use the same layout but made with different materials xD I hope that helps! let me know :) XO.

  4. oh my goodness I cant wait to see it all finished!!! You are a natural at art! Oh and I have no idea how to put together a portfolio :(

  5. I had to do one of those for the same reason, but never ended up doing the course. We had to choose a theme and do loads of work on it in a sketchbook though. Maybe choose a theme? And like Vera said, try different mediums like crayons, collage, pencil, maybe even photography..? Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine you're already a great artist x

  6. thanks so much for your support guys!

    Vera + Cassie: Unfortunately I do not know how to use other mediums other than acrylics at the moment and I don't think I've got time to experiment right now. I'm gonna give it my best and hopefully it will all come through. Thanks again! XO


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