Thursday, 8 April 2010

Strange Dreams~

No more looking at wallpapers today or anything that has to do with moving for now. I think I may have looked at them too much cos I dreamt of wallpapers last night! This always happens to me. Once when I was addicted to playing a game called Farm Town on facebook, I dreamt I was farming for three nights in a row! And just the other night I dreamt I was crocheting a bed just because I spent the whole day looking at beds online and crocheting!

Yes. I'm going mad.

So today I took it easy. Too easy in fact, I didn't get any work done *Oops* Tomorrow. I promise.

Now off to dreamland. xo


  1. the slepping mask is so cute :D I hope you have nicer dreams tonight :)

  2. ah! i'm in the market for a sleep mask and i wish i knew where that one was from!! so adorable.

    i also dream about whatever is stressing or consuming me. like once i started a new job that was REALLY stressful and my mom would wake up to me doing my job in my sleep and talking to the 'customers' in my room.

    your blog is the cutest - you have a lot of great things here and i can't wait to read more!


  3. just had a look at your blog! I love it!!:)


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