Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Feelin a lil blue

No not this kinda blue

More like this kind.

okay, to be fair they are not exactly blue. But aren't they pretty? Been looking at pictures of bedrooms lately hoping to get some ideas. We will be moving to our new home in a couple of months - Yeay! So I am pretty excited. Can't wait to get my hands dirty and start decorating! We've decided on blue-ish grey for the bedroom but there's the lounge, spare room (which I will turn into my studio! Double Yeay!) and the hall. Decisions decisions.

How about you? Has anyone started spring cleaning yet? xo


  1. Beautiful inspiration! MY bedroom is Gray and I love it :)!! I will have to post picture of that next. Moving into a new place is super exciting.

  2. Great photos, so pretty! How exciting that you're getting a new studio, that's always great fun :)

  3. These pictures are great!
    I am putting off spring cleaning...haha.

  4. Love that kitchen! Yippee for a new studio*!*

  5. What a lovely blog!

    I'm loving blue too. We just painted our kitchen a blue-grey yesterday. Can't wait to get the shelves up so I can accessorize : )

  6. love the blue stove and fridge... one day I will own a stove and fridge just like that!


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