Saturday, 10 April 2010

Beautiful Saturday!

The weather was really lovely today. Nice and warm. So Stuart and I went on a flea market adventure! I apologise for not taking any pictures of the place. I did mean to but it's just that it was...well...not quite what I had expected. I seriously had high expectations and was quite disappointed when I got there. There were barely any shops open and you could count the stalls with one hand. So I was pretty much upset but Stuart cheered me up by taking me to StarBucks for coffee and muffin. That boy sure knows the way to my heart (and my tummy tum tum)! 

I might try give it another go next weekend if the weather permits. Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! xo

*Slurp Slurp*


  1. I can't stand that! Happened to me a couple of months ago...I had gotten myself so excited and was beyond disappointed when we pulled up. Sounds like you've got yourself a good guy there though*!*

  2. Oh I know how annoying that is! I check listings for estate sales and am so miffed when we show up and the things they listed in the ad were not at all accurate. Oh well. Makes up for the times when you have find a great treasure! It's all part of the adventure :)

  3. Everything can feel better after coffee and a muffin!

  4. ooh, i miss starbucks so much. It is the first thing when i come home to berlin, find a starbucks and be merry :D


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